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Dingcoma Corporation has provided innovative processing solutions for chemical manufacturing businesses around the world. Our screening and sieving equipment ensure high-quality and consistent processing of a wide range of chemical powders and liquids.

With the most advanced technology in the industry, our vibratory sieves and sieving machines help improve the quality of hundreds of chemical products.These industrial sieves and sieving equipment are excellent at improving the quality of products and reduce production costs.

Our chemical processing screening equipment and chemical processing screening equipment are made of 316 stainless steel and have sanitary options. We also provide a range of surface treatments suitable for specific chemical and biochemical applications.The user-friendly design ensures quick cleaning and maintenance, with all models featuring quick-change screen options.

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As an advanced chemical processing and screening machine expert, we can provide a series of separation solutions. Following is a typical application example of Dingcoma in the chemical industry.
If you don’t see your chemical sifter product above, please contact us today.Our screening and separation specialists will help you to customize a set of sieving solutions.
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