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Dingcoma has worked within the additive manufacturing industry since its beginning, utilizing relationships with key partners to deliver a range of separation solutions to equipment manufacturers and end users.

All Dingcoma additive powder handling equipment is manufactured to a premium quality,  Whether check-screening virgin powder, reclaiming and recycling additive manufacturing powder following production or grading powder before or after use, a range of premium powder sieving solutions is available.

Dingcoma vibratory sifters is no contamination in the process of screening additives, is fast and easy to clean, and can quickly changeover screens.

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These round sifting screeners and rectangular separators provide accurate grading of additive metal powders as well as effective screening to make sure no oversize particles pass with the good product. Below are listed some of the additive metal powders we have expertise screening and separating:
If you have questions about additive metal powders separator equipment, please contact us. We will evaluate your requirements and match you with a right machine.
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