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Metal Powders

Achieving accurate particle size is extremely important while sieving powder metals. Dingcoma can offer high quality, high capacity separators and vibratory sieves systems for the powder metal manufacturers. we have the right equipment and knowledge to help improve the quality of your metal powders.

Utilizing superior designs our round separators and rectangular screeners are built to increase capacity and reduce downtime in metal powders manufacturing plants. We are also constantly innovating our sieving machines to make metal powder production more efficient and cost effective.

Our circular vibratory screeners can sift, de-dust, and classify a wide range of powders, eliminating any unwanted materials and ensuring consistent and reliable processing. We can supply our screeners in a wide range of single or multi-deck configurations, for batch or continuous processing.

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These vibratory rectangular separators specialize in separating and grading a wide number of recycling materials, utilizing advanced technologies, to control material flow pattern on the screens, we are able to get a more accurate separation of materials. Below are some of the recycling materials we are able to classify:
To learn more about how our industrial screeners and round separators help improve productions of metal powders, please contact us today.Our screening and separation specialists will help you to customize a set of sieving solutions.
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