Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen

Mining vibrating screen

Vibrating screen is also called mining screening machine,Widely used in coal, metallurgy, mining and other industries.


Vibrating screen machine is a vibration grading with a box vibrator and a plurality of different inclined screen faces.There is a larger slope screen at the feed end, followed by a stepwise decrease at a certain number of angles until the discharge opening, the overall screen surface is concave curved. The sloped screen at the feed end allows for more material to pass through the screen surface with higher screening speeds and thinner material delamination.This earlier stratification allows the fine particles to move closer to the screen surface and pass through the gap relatively unhindered,so the vibrating screen has a very high screening efficiency,which is 1.5-2 times higher than traditional grading screen.

Machine video
Feature & Benefits
  • Structure is simple and compact, the rigidity is large, the strength is high, the force distribution is balanced, and the safety factor is large;
  • Vibration parameters are set reasonably, and the natural frequency of the sieve body is avoided, and the resonance effect is reduced;
  • The service life of the sieve body is up to 10 years, and the life of the exciter is more than 60 thousand hours;
  • Light weight, less power consumption, high vibration intensity (9-12mm), high screening efficiency (> 95%);
  • Screening efficiency is high, material handling capacity is big;
  • The working noise is low, the noise level is lower than 75 dB, and the operation is smooth.
  • Vibrating screen is mainly used in classification, dewatering of coal industry. It is the first choice for large scale coal preparation plant, sinter plant and mineral processing plant.vibrating screen is widely used in coal, metallurgy, mining, electricity, building materials, light industry and chemical industry dry classification for various granular and small bulk solid materials.


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