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Improve Slurry Screening Accuracy,Meet Production Requirements

Ceramic slurry is mainly composed of kaolin and water and other elements,It is mainly used to make ceramics and coatings.To make ceramics,the impurities in the ceramic slurry need to be screened out to ensure the accuracy of the product.

Chinetter produce fia is a major producer of ceramics.In Jingdezhen,Jiangxi,there are many companies producing ceramics.In order to bne ceramics,they need to use a screening machine.For this reason,we specially designed a sieving machine for sieving ceramics.Screen out contaminants and separate excess slurry.

Ceramic slurry screening machine can sieve out impurities in ceramic slurry

Ceramic slurry screening machine uses a high-frequency vibration motor.Compared with the traditional motor,the high-frequency motor increases the screening frequency,increases the output rate,and improves the screening accuracy.And ceramic slurry sieving machine equipped with a special screen cleaning device to reduce the blockage of the screen and increase the screen passing rate.The screening machine we designed has the characteristics of reliable performance,easy operation,reduced downtime,convenient screen change,and high efficiency.

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