Sieving Machine for Metal Powder

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Metal powder is metal that has been decomposed into powder form.It mainly includes iron powder,tungsten powder,molybdenum powder,copper powder,cobalt powder,nickel powder,titanium powder,tantalum powder,aluminum powder,tin powder,lead powder and other powders.In all areas of metal powder production,achieving precise particle size distribution is crucial.We can provide sieving machine for metal powder suitable for all types of metal powders (such as aluminum powder and iron powder, etc.).

The role of metal powder sieving machine

1.In order to ensure the uniform distribution of metal powder particles,improve the quality of metal powder.

2.Remove unnecessary impurities,improve production efficiency,and meet production requirements.

Introduction of metal powder sieving machine

Sieving machine for metal powder is a multi-functional sieving machine used to remove impurities in metallurgical powders and finely sieving and grading.Fully sealed device is used to avoid flying dust.Generally,a suitable sieving machine model will be determined according to the type of metal powder of the customer.

Application of metal powder sieving machine

Sieving machine for metal powder is widely used in the screening of iron powder,tungsten powder,molybdenum powder,copper powder,aluminum powder and other materials.The common sieving metal powder in our company is aluminum powder.Because aluminum is a kind of active metal,it needs to be very careful in the process of screening aluminum powder.Because when the aluminum powder in the air reaches a certain level,it is very easy to cause an explosion.

Sieving machine features

1.Metal powder screening machine has high screening efficiency and high screening accuracy.

2. Adopt a fully enclosed structure to avoid flying dust.

3. The maximum sieving mesh can reach 625 mesh.

4. The screen mesh can be used for a long time and it is convenient to change the screen mesh. Avoid clogging of mesh.

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