Sieving for pharmaceutical powders industry

Dingcoma ultrasonic vibrating sieving separator improves and optimizes pharmaceutical production

The pharmaceutical industry is a people’s livelihood industry, which is related to the safety of people’s property and life, so the requirements for vibrating sieving separator in the pharmaceutical industry are relatively strict.Our country has very strict standards Sieving for pharmaceutical powders industry.

Recently,a leading pharmaceutical company found Dingcoma through the introduction of its peers and wanted us to design a vibrating sieving separator suitable for the pharmaceutical industry to ensure increased product output and improved product quality.Dingcoma is a dedicated to providing customers with screening solutions and solving screening problems,and has more than 20 years of experience in the sieving for pharmaceutical powders industry.Provide screening solutions for HPGC and other companies.Based on the industry experience of sieving pharmaceutical powders,we designed and recommended three 1200mm ultrasonic vibrating sieving separator machine.The ultrasonic vibrating sieving separator body is made of high-quality stainless steel to avoid contamination by impurities.All welding parts of the machine are polished and polished to meet GMP production standards.It has the characteristics of high airtightness,safe operation and low failure rate.

Due to the special nature of the pharmaceutical, screen mesh clogging may occur during screening.For this reason, we have set up an efficient cleaning screen mesh device system to help the screen mesh to automatically clean the screen mesh and reduce the occurrence of blockage.

More information about sieving for pharmaceutical powders industry, please contact us.We will give you a satisfactory screening program.


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